Hey everyone,

Ramon and I are extremely grateful to those who’ve pledged their money in support of this project and have promoted it through all sorts of social media outlets. You’re all the best kind of people in our book and we want to give you the best quality products we can. In our incentives list we have all kinds of things we’re offering: original art, t-shirts, prints, membership cards, that one CD player that went instantly, as well as an opportunity to be a villain for one of the heroes of the book as you can read more about in the first update we posted.

We got to work on new material for the various prints we’re offering and we’re very happy to show them off for the first time ever. Here are three of them so far, penciled and inked by me and colored by Ramon.

When you pledge at the 20 dollar level, you can pick whichever character you want a print of (that pledge includes other things as well - copy of the book, membership card with your face drawn on it by Ramon or I). The prints are also included with various other offerings in some of the higher level pledges, so be sure to give those a look too!

Thanks again everyone for all your support! We’ll update a few more times this week to show the remaining prints, the t-shirt design, and the membership cards! And be sure to spread the word!

-Craig Cermak, artist of the Vitruvian Underground

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